What type of fonts are these?

All Letterhead Fonts are Postscript OpenType. This is the highest quality format available. This means that the letters you see on your screen are exactly the way the original artist drew them. Older formats, such as TrueType, are undesirable because they alter the original letters by adding several unnecessary points to the paths and change the lines.

The Postscript OpenType format also allows us to pack in a virtually unlimited number of alternates and extra goodies into each font. And that's not all. Postscript OpenType fonts are cross platform too, meaning the same font can be used on both PC and Mac systems. While Postscript OpenType fonts are compatible with most programs, there are some programs (mostly very old programs) that cannot use Postscript OpenType fonts. For this reason it is necessary to ensure that your programs can use Postscript OpenType before ordering.

If you are in doubt as to whether your applications can use Postscript OpenType fonts, please download and install our .OTF test font prior to ordering.