Tutorial: How to use the LHF Quadrex fonts


Quadrex2.1by Chuck Davis
Groundbreaking prismatic style comprised of 4 separate sides, Quadrex allows for more realistic vector-based 3 dimensional effects than ever before. Print it. Scale it. Cut it out of vinyl!

By itself, the Quadrex BASE font is handsome enough, but add the other layers-- and you've got a surefire head turner. Quadrex includes 4 individual fonts specially designed to be stacked: Quadrex BASE, Quadrex LEFT, Quadrex RIGHT, and Quadrex BOTTOM.

While Quadrex is simple to use, a basic knowledge of light & shadow and some design experience is necessary to get the most from it. Therefore it may not be suitable for novice designers or those using word processing programs. Professional designers however, will get a kick out of toying around with Quadrex and the many creative possibilities it has to offer. You might also like: Convecta & Quantum.

Flexi Sign and Omega users must read these important instructions before using. (PDF)

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Quadrex BASE