Casual Fonts

You'll find fonts well-suited to informal designs listed here. Use anywhere a hand-lettered, lighthearted feel is needed. Be sure to also check out the Comic & Cartoon styles.

Anna Banana 2 by Dave Correll
LHF Anna Banana
Basher by Dave Correll
LHF Basher
Big Bob by David Parr
LHF Big Bob
Cartoon Cowboy by Chuck Davis
LHF Cartoon Cowboy
Cincinnati Poster by Arthur Vanson
LHF Cincinnati Poster
Comic Caps 2 by Chuck Davis
LHF Comic Caps 2
Cornbread Casual by Dave Correll
LHF Coffee Shop
Fast Slant by Chuck Davis
LHF Fast Slant
Happy Fun Ball by Chuck Davis
LHF Happy Fun Ball
Hick Sticks by Chuck Davis
LHF Hick Sticks
Inklingby Stephanie Inman
LHF Inkling
Kiwi Casualby Jeff Marshall
LHF Kiwi Casual
Magnum 44 by Chuck Davis
LHF Magnum 44
Menace by Chuck Davis
LHF Menace
No Fishin by Chuck Davis
LHF No Fishin
Opening Night by Arthur Vanson
LHF Opening Night
Shelsey by Arthur Vanson
LHF Shelsey
Spaz by Dan Sawatzky
LHF Spaz
Speedstyle by Arthur Vanson
LHF Speedstyle
Splash by Chuck Davis
LHF Splash
Wade Dynamic by Arthur Vanson
LHF Wade Dynamic

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