Automatic ligatures supported in OpenType compatible programs.


Using Shogun Spurs Convex

1) Type your text using LHF Shogun Spurs Base.
2) Apply kerning and duplicate your text.
3) Change one line to LHF Shogun Spurs Convex.
4) Adjust the colors.
5) Align LHF Shogun Spurs Convex version over
LHF Shogun Spurs Base.
6) Finish with a bold black outline.
Shogun1.1by Denise Bayers
Modern style with sharp corners and eye-catching, bold letters that command your viewer's attention. Use "LHF Shogun Spurs Base" alone or place "LHF Shogun Spurs Convex" on top for an easy 3D effect (see instructions below left). Set includes 4 versions: Regular, Spurs, Shadow and Convex. You might also like: Roebuck.

Important notes for FlexiSign & Omega users (PDF)

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Shogun Spurs (Base)

Shogun Spurs (Convex)

Shogun Shadow

Shogun Regular