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How it all got started

We want you to know that your support is appreciated. We realize that it's only because of creative artists like yourself, that we are able to do what we love most -- make unique, quality fonts for you. Allow us to share with you how this all began...

Chuck Davis hand-lettered signs until about 1996, when he finally took the plunge into the world of computerized sign making. He quickly discovered he missed the freedom of hand lettering. The installed fonts were never spaced quite right and he found himself manually redrawing them to suit his needs. So he began scanning in his own hand lettering to create his own fonts.

In 1998, he decided to create a little website to offer made-to-order designs for other sign shops. Also offered on the site as free downloads, were three fonts he had created. He received dozens of requests for more fonts, but not a single inquiry about the design service being offered. It became clear he needed to redirect his efforts and in 1999, Letterhead Fonts was born -- with a whopping total of four fonts offered on the website.

Today, with the help of some talented friends around the world, Letterhead Fonts has expanded those original 4 fonts into over 400 unique quality typefaces for professional sign artists and graphic designers like yourself.

Letterhead Fonts is different than other foundries. We don't offer a little bit of everything from everybody. The guys and gals we work with are all experienced designers and sign artists and understand that fonts must serve a useful purpose. Your LHF fonts are created by some of the most talented designers in the world. Each letter is meticulously drawn by skillful hands to ensure the cleanest lines with the fewest points and no overlaps or twists in the paths. The weights of each stroke are carefully balanced so every letter goes well together.

After each font is complete, it then goes through a testing period, whereby we use the font in our own designs in order to spot any problems or areas that need improvement. In fact, no LHF font is ever truly complete, because we're forever revising and improving them.

This attention to detail and stubborn insistence on quality keeps our offering a little lower than some other foundries. But, we sleep better at night knowing that what we're giving you are the absolute best fonts you can buy. Thanks again for your support. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you in the future.

How Fonts Are Made (Secrets & Insights)