Mike Erickson Contributor
In 1995, Mike began designing art and lettering for a t-shirt company. He recalls being asked what fonts he used and replied, "What's a font?" as he was doing everything by hand. Within 2 years he started Logomotive Designs, offering custom logo designs. After working with Chuck Davis, Mike's first font, LHF Orange Grove was released through Letterhead Fonts in 2003. Ironically, Mike recalls his kindergarten teacher chastising him for drawing his letters too fancy. As a result of his habit of adding decorative curls to his letters, she admonished him with "Mike, those are really nice, but that's not how we draw letters".

Californian by Mike Erickson
LHF Californian
Logomotive by Mike Erickson
LHF Logomotive
Milkman by Mike Erickson
LHF Milkman
Orange Grove by Mike Erickson
LHF Orange Grove
Roper by Mike Erickson
LHF Roper