Tubby1.0by Steve Contreras
The newest set from veteran sign artist Steve Contreras, LHF Tubby has a distinct vintage 1940's vibe and is perfect for designs requiring a casual, friendly appearance. You receive 6 fonts in this set:

• LHF Tubby 1 Base
(Uppercase/lowercase solid letters)
• LHF Tubby 1 Inline
(To overlay on Tubby 1 Base)
• LHF Tubby 1 Regular
(Inline and Base combined)
• LHF Tubby 2 Base
(Uppercase/small cap solid letters)
• LHF Tubby 2 Inline
(To overlay on Tubby 2 Base)
• LHF Tubby 2 Regular
(Inline and Base combined)

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Tubby 1 Base

Tubby 1 Inline
(To be layered on top of "Tubby 1 Base")

Tubby 1 Regular
("Tubby 1 Base" combined with "Tubby 1 Inline")

Tubby 2 Base

Tubby 2 Inline
(To be layered on top of "Tubby 2 Base")

Tubby 2 Regular
("Tubby 2 Base" combined with "Tubby 2 Inline")