Tuco's Revengeby Chuck Davis
LHF Tuco's Revenge (aka: "LHF Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez") was created with a specific purpose in mind. In my own designs, I had a need for a thin, easy-to-read slab-serif style font. Mark's "LHF Lumbermill" is a great choice, but I wanted something even simpler.

This set includes "Regular" and "Spurs" fonts (with "Distressed" versions coming next month) with lowercase and alternates. Thanks goes out to Rich Marazsky who also lent a hand on this project.
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LHF Tuco's Revenge Regular Glyphs

Regular Alternates
LHF Tuco's Revenge Regular Alternate Glyphs

LHF Tuco's Revenge Spurs Glyphs

Spurs Alternates

LHf Tuco's Revenge Spurs Alternates Glyphs