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Letterhead Fonts has never and will never share any of your information with third-parties. Only two people ever have access to your information and those individuals are sworn to an oath of secrecy with the understanding that the penalty for breaking that solemn oath involves peanut butter, chicken feed and 100 very agitated birds.

Your Email Address
When you order something from us, we'll assume that you like our work so we'll probably send you emails when we release new fonts (no more that once a month). But if you don't want those, just tell us. It won't hurt our feelings... we promise.

In order to prevent piracy, the fonts you order are embedded with your name, email address, IP address and unique account ID using our FontGuard system. No sensitive information is ever embeded into the fonts. Find out more about our FontGuard system here.

Cookies are required to order something. Other than that, we don't use them to track you or anything like that. You are welcome to delete the cookies the shopping cart uses after you've completed your purchase.

No Ads or Partners
Letterhead Fonts doesn't partner with Google or any third-parties. When you come to Letterhead Fonts, we want you to see our fonts -- not ads. We believe your browsing history and visitor data is your business.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy.

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