Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau lettering can most often be characterized by three words: "quirky", "ornamental", and "formal". The late 1800's to early 1900's is the period that most inspired me to start creating fonts. Experimentation with letter forms and breaking the rules seemed to be a necessity for any artist worth their salt. Charles Strong and R. Henderson were two influential sign artists who pushed the envelope and published books during this period. Their wonderful books featured many high quality examples of unusual Art Nouveau lettering and designs, some in color. I recall having to locate these rare books on Ebay when I first started, but now they can be read easily in digital format. Each of the fonts below have been inspired by the likes of Strong and Henderson to one degree or another.

Antique Shop by Chuck Davis
LHF Antique Shop
Ephemera by Tom Kennedy
LHF Ephemera
English Rose by Dave Smith
LHF English Rose
Chateau by Dave Smith
LHF Chateau
Chapman by Dave Smith
LHF Chapman
Confection by Tom Kennedy
LHF Confection
Cordial by Mark Searfoss
LHF Cordial
Corrie by John Studden
LHF Corrie
Euphoria 2 by Denise Bayers
Folklore by Steve Contreras
LHF Folklore
Grindle by David Parr
LHF Grindle
Hazel by John Studden
LHF Hazel
Henderson by Mike Jackson
LHF Henderson
Mystery Font by Dave Correll
LHF Milkman
Novela by John Studden
LHF Novela
Ringer by John Davis
LHF Ringer
Ross Antique Roman by John Studden
LHF Ross Antique Roman
Signwriter Roman by Chuck Davis, Patrick Kalange & Denise Bayers
LHF Signwriter Roman