Tutorial: Distressing text in Adobe Photoshop


Jumbo1.1by John Studden
Bold, extended letters command attention. Includes Convex fonts to create 3D prismatic effects by laying them on top of the Base fonts. See instructions below left.

For those users that have difficulty aligning the two fonts together (such as Gerber Omega) the set also includes "Full" versions that have Base and Convex fonts combined together in one font. When using these "Full" fonts, the user must break the font apart by converting to curves or outlines in order to manipulate. For this reason it is recommended to use the Base/Convex fonts together as intended when possible. You might also like: Big Dog & Mike's Block.

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Jumbo Base

Jumbo Convex

Jumbo Full

Jumbo Spurs Base

Jumbo Spurs Convex

Jumbo Spurs Full