Dave Smith

Dave is a signwriter and decorative reverse glass gold leaf artist. After leaving school at 16, he was classically trained through an apprenticeship with traditional signwriter Gordon Farr. He began creating fonts while designing logos, fueling his creativity and inspiring him to produce full alphabets. The tradition of designing letterfaces with a pencil gives him the freedom to be more flamboyant, while still retaining a very usable character to his fonts. Many of the fonts that Dave has designed grew out of individual words or phrases developed for his reverse glass work, which is the main thrust of his business these days. The design for this website was designed by Dave and speaks volumes about his love for decoration and embellishment.

Becker Classic by Dave Smith
LHF Becker Classic
Chapman by Dave Smith
LHF Chapman
Chateau by Dave Smith
LHF Chateau
Doc Terwilligers by Dave Smith
LHF Doc Terwilligers
English Rose by Dave Smith
LHF English Rose
Factory by Dave Smith
LHF Factory
Jewelo by Dave Smith
LHF Jewelo
Melissa by Dave Smith
LHF Melissa

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