Letterhead Fonts License Agreement
Letterhead Fonts does not charge royalties or per use fees. A single fee for the font entitles you to use it for life in all the ways spelled out below. We've worked hard to make our License Agreement fair and easy to understand. No legal jargon here. Just a few simple guidelines you agree to follow when downloading our fonts.

Intended use Permitted
Except for clipart, see below.
T-shirts & Apparel
Both physical and digital sign boards permitted.
Movies, Television, Videos
Both physical and digital books permitted.
Raster or vector images only. Contact us for webfont licensing. No additional page-view charges required. Applications designed to allow visitors to create their own words using the fonts is prohibited.

(some restrictions)
Use of fonts for menus and display purposes is permitted. Any application that allows the end user to manipulate the letters is prohibited. For example, a web app designed to allow users to create their own words using the fonts is prohibited.

(some restrictions)
Packaging & Labels
In game use of fonts for menus and scenes is permitted. Player of game must not be able to use or manipulate the letters.
Decals & transfers
Physical decals and transfers intended for resale that use no more than 20 unique letters of the font as part of a complete design are permitted. Reselling or redistributing the individual letters apart from a design is prohibited.

(some restrictions)
For personal use only. May not sell or redistribute stencils created using the fonts or the letters contained within the fonts.
Clipart & Digital Files
Glyphs from the font may not be incorporated into any file distributed to 2 or more entities that allows the end-user to use the glyphs in a new design or to create a physical copy of the design.
Resale of letters or fonts
Glyphs from the font may not be resold in digital or physical format.
Displaying all glyphs
Any use in which the intent is to show the available glyphs in the font is prohibited.
Only the licensed user may install and use the font. Third-parties such as clients, printers or publishers requiring the font must secure their own license at a discount.

Your license
  • The license you purchase is non-transferable. Only you or the company you represent may use the fonts. Please understand that the fonts nor the license may never be given or sold to anyone other than the original individual or company that purchased the license. If you have purchased a license and are working with a third-party that also requires the fonts, please let us know. We can extend a 50% discount to them so they can have their own license.

  • You are welcome to use the fonts for commercial, non-profit or personal use. With the few exceptions below, there are no restrictions on how the fonts may be used. We don't expect you to keep track of how many page views you receive or how many t-shirts or books you printed. Your license allows you unlimited lifetime use.

  • As long as the appropriate number of licenses is purchased (1 for every 2 computers), you are welcome to use the fonts in movies and television without additional royalty payments. In fact, we hope you do. We love to see our fonts on the screen.

  • Letterhead Fonts retains ownership of the fonts. You are purchasing a license to use them. Your license will remain in effect as long as all provisions are adhered to. The fonts are protected by copyright and trademarks covered by United States Copyright & Trademark Law, international treaty provisions, and applicable laws in the jurisdiction of use.

  • Installing the fonts
  • Remember: 1 for 2. Each license permits you to install the fonts on two computers belonging to you.

  • Please only install the fonts on the number of computers you purchased licenses for. If the fonts will be used on more than two computers, please do the right thing and purchase additional licenses.

  • Please only install the fonts on your own personal computers or the computers owned by the company you represent. Installing the fonts on computers not belonging to you or your company is prohibited.

  • Using the fonts
  • While you are welcome to alter the glyphs to suit the requirements of your design, please understand that the fonts themselves may not be regenerated, converted or saved as other formats.¹ You agree not to use the glyphs to create new fonts. This wouldn't be fair to the artist who created the glyphs.

  • Please never change the name of the fonts or attempt to remove or alter any information in the font. This would terminate your license for obvious reasons.

  • Please never upload the fonts to a server, application, game or website that allows unlicensed individuals to use the glyphs. We trust you agree that the artist who created the font deserves to be paid when people use the letters.

  • Please do not publish the glyphs independent of a design in which the purpose is to display the available glyphs within the fonts. The letters may be copied easily that way and used by others to create their own designs or fonts.

  • Please do not use the glyphs to create stencils, patterns, embroidery files, stock footage, stock photos, or clipart for resale or redistribution. Providing others with the ability to create their own designs by using any of the letters or numbers is prohibited and unfair to original creator of the font.

  • Please never give the fonts to any unlicensed individual or company. If a third-party requires the fonts you used to view, publish or edit your design, they must have their own licensed copy of the fonts. It is recommended the file be provided in a manner that eliminates the need for the third-party to install the fonts (eg: embedding the fonts, or using a raster or vector format). This page explains how to convert the fonts to vector outlines.

  • Refunds & Exchanges
    We stand behind every single glyph we create. If the font you license from us is ever found to contain errors, we'll fix it or refund/exchange your purchase (see our Lifetime Guarantee below). We trust you understand that we're unable to offer refunds if you change your mind about a particular font. But we want you to be happy with your purchase. So if for some reason you're not, let us know within 72 hours and we'll be happy to allow you to choose a different font.

    Lifetime Guarantee
    We're very proud of dedication and craftsmanship that goes into each of our fonts. We go to great lengths to ensure the fonts you license from us are top-quality and error-free. By purchasing directly from Letterhead Fonts, all fonts are covered under our Lifetime Guarantee. As long as your license remains in effect, we promise to fix any defects present in the fonts that prevent them from functioning properly with your software. In fact, if you find a bug or flaw, chances are good that we already discovered it and released a free update. If we're unable to repair or offer a suitable replacement for any font found to contain defects, you'll receive a refund or credit equal to the original purchase cost of the license.²

    ¹ Exception for Gerber Software users converting fonts to .gsp format.

    ² Credit option available for life of license. Refund option expires one year from date of purchase. By licensing from Letterhead Fonts, you agree to release Letterhead Fonts and its contractors of all liability for any damages.

    Letterhead Fonts is a small organization, so your cooperation in abiding by the above terms is greatly appreciated and will allow us to continue making new fonts for you. If your company requires special terms or modification to our license, contact me and I'll do my best to make that happen for you.


    Chuck Davis, Founder