Sharing Letterhead Fonts is piracy
Sharing any Letterhead Fonts is strictly prohibited. All Letterhead Fonts are sold as commercial font software through the Letterhead Fonts website only. Letterhead Fonts does not release free fonts. Sharing of commercial font software (even without monetary gain) is considered piracy and is protected under the laws of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Letterhead Fonts does not hesitate to prosecute those who choose to share and pirate our fonts. Such action is investigated by the FBI and can result in 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. Protect yourself and others by not sharing.

What is FontGuard?
FontGuard is a proprietary account encryption system created by Letterhead Fonts. The system is aimed at preventing font piracy. The purchaser's account information is encrypted into each of the font files he or she purchases. Should the font files become publicly shared, the fonts may be traced back to the original purchaser by decoding the data embedded into the files.

How does it work?
Your unique information is invisibly encrypted into the glyphs and internal coding of the fonts you download. As a reminder, the information is also added to the Version tag of the font file which is easily viewable in the operating system.

Does FontGuard work on Mac too?
Yes. FontGuard can encrypt the purchaser's information into any font file for any system.

Does the system utilize any DRM protection?
No, the font files themselves are normal font files that may be used like any other font. The only difference is the information that resides in them.

What information is embedded into the font file?
Your email address, IP address, Letterhead Fonts account ID and name are embedded into each font you purchase.

Is my credit card embedded into the font file?
No. Sensitive information is not embedded into the font file.

What if a FontGuard encrypted font becomes pirated?
The pirated font is loaded into the decryption utility and is checked against the original font file. The decryption utility then returns the data of the original purchaser. Letterhead Fonts does not hesitate to prosecute the original purchaser when we discover a font has been shared. In addition to the fines provided by the DMCA, Letterhead Fonts will also seek damages for each pirated copy as a result of the original purchaser's negligence. Protect yourself and others by not sharing.

Can the encrypted information be removed?
The purchaser's information is embedded in several locations throughout the font file. One of these locations is visible on the "Version" tag line. While it is possible to alter the Version tag line, it is not possible to remove the hidden encrypted data that resides elsewhere. Regenerating or recreating the font does not defeat the system. The encrypted data cannot be removed or altered since one of the locations the data resides is within the glyphs themselves.

Help us continue our craft
The artists who create Letterhead Fonts need your support and encouragement. By simply abiding by the laws and not sharing your fonts you are encouraging us to make new fonts for you. Please continue to support these artists and encourage them to make new fonts by not sharing Letterhead Fonts with others. Thank you for your support.

Please contact us if you have any questions about FontGuard that weren't answered here.