Postscript OpenType Test Font

If you are in doubt as to whether your applications can use Postscript OpenType fonts, this font will let you know. Click here to download the zip file containing the OTF test font.

Because of its superior quality and cross-system compatibility, Letterhead Fonts only offers Postscript OpenType fonts.

How to use the OTF Test Font

1) Close all applications that might use fonts. This includes word processing, graphics, or font management programs.

2) Install the "OTF TEST" font in your font folder.
Please consult this page if you need assistance installing.

3) Open your desired application and find the "OTF TEST" font in the list of fonts.

4) Type any letter using the font. If you see a "YES!" message, your application is Postscript OpenType compatible.  

What if I don't see the font in my application?

Check the following: Make sure the font is installed in the font folder. Double click on it to check if the font is corrupt. If you see a "Yes!" preview, it is installed correctly.

Make sure you had the application closed when installing the font.

In some cases, it may be necessary to restart the computer after installing the font in order for the font to take effect.

If you still don't see the font in your application, it isn't Postscript OpenType compatible and you cannot use Postscript OpenType fonts.  

But I see other OpenType fonts in my font folder!

Those are TrueType OpenType fonts.

It's a little confusing, but Windows displays the same icon for TrueType OpenType and Postscript OpenType fonts.

TrueType OpenType fonts are no better than the older "blue icon" TrueType fonts as far as the quality of the letters is concerned.

Postscript OpenType fonts retain the same shape as the original artist intended and therefore are the only fonts we offer.  

Can you give me TrueType fonts instead?

Sorry, beginning in 2007, we switched to the Postscript OpenType format exclusively. Since the Postscript format retains the quality of the original drawings, while TrueType changes them, we have chosen to create our fonts in the Postscript OpenType format only.