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Before you order

I don't see the font I want listed on the package page
Not all fonts qualify for the custom package discount. Usually these are new fonts or premium fonts like LHF Desire.

What type of fonts are these?
All Letterhead Fonts are Postscript OpenType. This is the highest quality format available. This means that the letters you see on your screen are exactly the way the original artist drew them. Older formats, such as TrueType, are undesirable because they alter the original letters by adding several unnecessary points to the paths and change the lines.

The Postscript OpenType format also allows us to pack in a virtually unlimited number of alternates and extra goodies into each font. And that's not all. Postscript OpenType fonts are cross platform too, meaning the same font can be used on both PC and Mac systems.

While Postscript OpenType fonts are compatible with most programs, there are some programs (mostly very old programs) that cannot use Postscript OpenType fonts. For this reason it is necessary to ensure that your programs can use Postscript OpenType before ordering. If you are in doubt as to whether your applications can use Postscript OpenType fonts, please download and install our .OTF test font prior to ordering. opentype

Can I use these fonts on my Mac or PC?
Yes and Yes! The great thing about Postscript OpenType fonts are that they are cross compatible. This means that the same high-quality font can be used on both the PC and Mac system. Of course, Letterhead Fonts never charges extra if you need to use the fonts on both systems.

What programs can use Postscript OpenType fonts?
All Letterhead Fonts are Postscript OpenType fonts. This means that they will only work in applications that support Postscript OpenType fonts. Today, that isn't much of an issue as modern applications are Postscript OpenType compatible. If you are in doubt, please see this list of known compatible applications.

Can I try the fonts before I buy?
Yes, although it is old and cumbersome (sorry), you may use the TypeTester which allows you to type your own message using the fonts. We have plans to create a better testing system in the future.

What if I decide I don't like a font?
We stand behind every single glyph we create. If the font you license from us is ever found to contain errors, we'll fix it or refund/exchange your purchase (see our Lifetime Guarantee). We trust you understand that we're unable to offer refunds if you change your mind about a particular font. But we want you to be happy with your purchase. So if for some reason you're not, let us know within 72 hours and we'll be happy to allow you to choose a different font.

What operating systems are supported?
Postscript OpenType fonts are guaranteed to work on Windows XP or newer and Mac OSX or newer. Postscript OpenType fonts may be used on other systems, such as Unix or Windows 2000, through the use of third-party utilities, but Letterhead Fonts cannot offer support for these systems.

Can I use the fonts for commercial purposes?
Yes! In fact, we hope you make a lot of money using the fonts. There are some restrictions, such as not using them in clipart or stencils for resale that you should probably read here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need clarification.

Where I can read your license agreement?
We recommend reading the License Overview first. You can read that here. The entire End User License Agreement (EULA) that you must agree to when purchasing can be read here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need clarification.

When do I receive the fonts?
Your fonts are downloaded immediately with no waiting. After your payment goes through, you are presented with a green Download button. Any fonts you order remain in your account so that you can download them again from your Account Manager.

Do you offer any quantity discounts?
Yes. Check out our popular 4 or More package where you may choose any 4 fonts for only $35 each. Additional fonts after 4 are also discounted, so the more you buy, the more you save. A few fonts don't qualify though-- usually new releases or premium fonts like LHF Desire.

What is FontGuard?
Creating a single high-quality, original font requires months, even years of dedicated work. For this reason, Letterhead Fonts developed the FontGuard system to help prevent piracy. All fonts are embedded with the purchaser's name, account ID and email. This does not affect how the fonts may be used or installed. You can read more about FontGuard here.

How many systems can I install the fonts on?
When you purchase a single license you are welcome to install the fonts on up to 2 systems owned by you or your company. If you need to install them on more than 2 computers, please choose the appropriate number of licenses from the font's page or contact us for license discounts.