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Adobe no longer supports Type1 fonts. How does this affect me?

Adobe's statement: "Type 1 fonts, also known as PostScript, PS1, T1, Adobe Type 1, Multiple Master, or MM..." is misleading and has caused some confusion. They will continue to support PostScript OpenType fonts. They just won't support PostScript Type 1 fonts. In 2007, we converted all fonts to the PostScript OpenType format.

If you purchased your LHF fonts after 2007, you have PostScript OpenType fonts (OTF) and have the highest-quality format available, which Adobe will continue to support of course.

If you have older fonts in the format of TTF, PFM/PFB, SUIT/BMP, purchased prior to 2007, they cannot be replaced (this was announced in 2010). Purchasing new licenses for these fonts will not only give you the higher-quality PostScript OTF format, but also the revisions and improvements made to the fonts since then.