Convex / Prismatic / Beveled
I'm fairly certain that Convecta (released in 2000 when four fonts made up the entire Letterhead Fonts catalog) was the first layered convex font ever created. I'd never seen a layered font set before and wanted to make something that my fellow sign artists could cut out of vinyl to create a dimensional effect. Convex, prismatic, beveled, whatever you decide to call it, all fonts in this category are designed with a base font and an additional font or fonts containing convex (or beveled) shapes that gets placed on top to create a dimensional appearance. Coloring the top layer with a gradient color slightly darker or lighter than the color used for the base font achieves very eye-catching results quickly. These dimensional fonts are very time-consuming to create and require a great deal of skill. Here's how we do it.

Big Dog by Chuck Davis
Western Font - LHF Big Dog
Boot Camp by Denise Bayers
Convecta by Chuck Davis
Convex, Prismatic, Beveled Font - LHF Convecta
Flathead by John Davis
Handyman by Patrick Kalange
LHF Handyman
Jumbo by John Studden
Western Font - LHF Jumbo
Menace by Chuck Davis
LHF Menace
Quadrex by Chuck Davis
Convex, Prismatic, Beveled Font - LHF Quadrex
Quantum by Chuck Davis
LHF Quantum
Ransom by Denise Bayers
LHF Ransom
Shogun by Denise Bayers
Convex, Prismatic, Beveled Font - LHF Shogun