These fonts lend themselves to an organic, hand-lettered, realistic feel. These days, distressed fonts are very popular, but doing them correctly requires more precision and expertise than most people realize. Be careful when using cheap or amateur-created distressed fonts. They can really do a number on your applications and system! If you find that your application is acting buggy when loading or accessing the font menu, look in your system font folder for a bad distressed font. What causes these fonts to slow down or bug out can usually be attributed to three things: twisted paths, stray points or too many points. You won't find any of that in our fonts because we utilize a very precise and careful process for distressing to ensure that all paths are clean and glyphs don't contain more points than your applications can handle. So while they may look messy, they are actually anything but. These small samples don't do the fonts justice, so be sure to click on them to see larger examples that show off the distressing better.

Aledo by David Parr
Western Fonts - LHF Aledo
Amarillo 2 by Chuck Davis, Denise Bayers & Patrick Kalange
LHF Amarillo 2
Americano Script by Dave Correll
LHF Americano Script
Antique Half Block 2 by Chuck Davis, David Parr & Patrick Kalange
LHF Antique Half Block 2
Ascribe by David Parr
LHF Ascribe
Asylum by Chuck Davis
LHF Convecta
Bandit by Denise Bayers
LHF Bandit
Beatnik Cowboy by Denise Bayers
LHF Beatnik Cowboy
Betterbilt by John Davis
Western Font - LHF Betterbilt
Black Rose Scriptby Chuck Davis, Patrick Kalange & Denise Bayers
LHF Black Rose Script
Boot Camp by Denise Bayers
Boston Ballpark by John Davis
LHF Boston Ballpark
Brooklyn by John Davis
LHF Brooklyn font
Brushwork by Dave Correll
LHF Brushwork
Californian by Mike Erickson
LHF Californian
Cavalero by Denise Bayers
LHF Cavalero
Dark Horse by Denise Bayers
Desire Rough & Ragged by Charles Borges
Distressed Block by Kaitlin Sims
LHF Distressed Block
Durango by Denise Bayers
Encore by John Davis
General Store by John Davis
LHF General Store
Gunslinger by Chuck Davis
Western Font - LHF Gunslinger
Hick Sticks by Chuck Davis
Western Font - LHF Hick Sticks
Jalopy Joe by John Studden, Patrick Kalange & Chuck Davis
LHF Jalopy Joe
Lincoln by Chuck Davis
LHF Lincoln
Majestic by Denise Bayers
LHF Majestic
Mastercraft by Chuck Davis, Patrick Kalange, John Studden & Denise Bayers
LHF Mastercraft
No Fishin by Chuck Davis
LHF No Fishin
Orchard by Dave Correll
LHF Orchard
Ragged Brad by Brad King
LHF Ragged Brad
Retro Ricky by Denise Bayers
Scriptana by Chuck Davis
LHF Scriptana
Swindler by Mark Searfoss
Western Font - LHF Swindler
Tributary by David Parr
LHF Tributary
Unlovable by Chuck Davis
LHF Unlovable
Versatile by Charles Borges
LHF Versatile
Workhorse by Charles Borges & Greg Reid