About Letterhead Fonts
Letterhead Fonts are created by artists just like you. Most of us have regular jobs as graphic designers and sign artists. We're a diverse group from all parts of the world, but we all have one thing in common-- we love letters and enjoy making them for you to use in your own projects. Because we actually use our fonts in real projects, you'll find that each LHF font is not only unique, but also practical to use.

You'll find the motto “Together We Create” at the bottom of each page. I chose this motto because creating great designs is a collaborative effort. We supply the fonts (and maybe a little inspiration) and you supply the design. The end result should be something that is both creatively satisfying and makes your client happy. After all, if your client is happy and you make money using our fonts, that means we've done our job.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your designs.

Chuck Davis, Founder

Arthur Vanson
Arthur Vanson Contributor

Arthur began his career hand-painting signs in his father's sign shop in Buckinghamshire, England. Later when he began using the computer to produce signs, he was dissatisfied with the availability and quality of the existing fonts and therefore began digitizing the letter styles he painted by hand. Many of Arthur's fonts, such as LHF Wade Grotesque, have been directly influenced by his mentor and signwriter Cecil Wade. Arthur first joined Letterhead Fonts in 2003 with his Essendine font. Sadly, just ten years later, Arthur succumbed to cancer and passed away in April of 2013. His last font released was LHF Sedona in 2012.
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Brad King
Brad King Contributor

Brad has been producing custom designs, pin striping and lettering for nearly 30 years, working with some of the most prominent names in the custom automotive field. In recent years he has begun offering t-shirt design and printing to his customers. His energetic LHF Ragged Brad font is based on a style he primarily hand paints for race cars.

Charles Borges de Oliveira

Charles has been surrounded by letters and signs his entire life. His father had worked as a sign painter while his mother was a commercial lettering artist. His uncle owned a sign shop and it was there at age 22 that Charles began his lettering career working as an apprentice. In 2003 he released his first font LHF Sarah Script (named after his wife) and has since created over 6 typefaces. "That was the beginning of my fascination with creating type, and it just kept going from there. It's difficult, but rewarding."
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Chuck Davis
Chuck Davis Founder

Chuck began his career as a published cartoonist while still in high school, eventually moving on to sign painting and then web design. Chuck made his first font as an experiment in 1998 and was hooked. Shortly thereafter, he created Letterhead Fonts in order to offer unique, old fashioned typefaces to other professionals. Today his time is divided between the daily operation of the business, creating his own fonts and assisting contributors in the creation of their fonts.
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Dan Sawatzky
Dan Sawatzky Contributor

Dan started painting signs long before computers were invented. His favorite casual letter styles (such as LHF Spaz) became the basis for the fonts he has designed and those he is currently working on. His pet peeve is to see someone use one of his fonts 'right out of the box'. He states that they beg to be played with, the occasional letter resized or tweaked to make them work in a playful way.
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Dave Correll
Dave Correll Contributor

A graduate of Detroit Lakes Vocational Technical school, Dave has been making signs since 1983. His Faribault, MN based sign shop handles work such as storefronts, monuments, dimensional signage,vehicles, banners, and logo design. His first font, LHF Samster Script (later revised and renamed LHF Signkit Script) was released in 2004 and others soon followed. When asked how he decides what fonts to produce he remarks, "I try to choose a font that I think most folks would use in their everyday work".
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David Parr
David Parr Contributor

David first started hand lettering for pay at age fourteen through his family's screen printing company. As a professional sign painter, typefaces have been the primary component of David's work for over forty years. "Developing fonts is a fun and creative way to combine computer technology with traditional skills to apply our trade or craft." David's first font LHF Squeezebox is an unusual boxy serif style, reminiscent of hand-lettering. In addition to his own fonts, he also regularly assists other designers in the completion of their fonts.
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Dave Smith
Dave Smith Contributor

Dave is an English signwriter and decorative reverse glass gold leaf artist. After leaving school at 16, he was classically trained through an apprenticeship with traditional signwriter Gordon Farr. Most of his fonts come about naturally as a result of his logo designs, while others grew out of individual words or phrases developed for his reverse glass work. In addition to his glass work, Dave is also an excellent illustrator and expert at Photoshop. In fact, our Letterhead Fonts website design was created by him and speaks volumes about his love for classic period decoration and embellishment.
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Denise Bayers
Denise Bayers Contributor

After earning an associates degree in Graphic Design in 1998, Denise worked as a designer for a publishing company and a graphic design firm. In 2002, she joined Letterhead Fonts, creating fonts and assisting with the day-to-day operations. She also holds a bachelors degree in Communications and a second associates degree in Letters, Arts & Sciences. Denise is a life-long vegetarian, animal lover, and proud dog mom of her Dachshund - Chihuahua mix, Harley.
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Duncan Wilkie
Duncan Wilkie Contributor

Duncan's interest in lettering began in 8th grade. The Speedball Book, a pen and some nibs were his first introduction to the world of lettering. After working in the sign industry his whole life, Duncan created LHF Garner as a tribute to honor his mentor, George Garner.

Francis Lestingi
Francis Lestingi Contributor

Francis is a professional sign carver and designer who has won 10 national first place awards since 1999. He learned to letter in high school by "borrowing" hand lettered paper signs from shop windows at night. He would then proceed to study the brush stokes and emulate them, before finally returning the signs before 5 am the next morning. After earning his Ph.D., Francis taught physics and history of science. He then took early retirement to open his own sign business. His LHF Pierre font is a an excellent example of traditional calligraphy and a style Francis frequently uses on his own signs.
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Jeff Marshall
Jeff Marshall Contributor

Born and bred in New Zealand, Jeff entered into the sign craft in 1985 at the age of 16, where he began his 5 year apprenticeship. He quickly learned all about traditional sign techniques and methods, and was also fortunate enough to work along side one of the country's leading sign artists; which is where his passion for script and casual lettering began. These days Jeff resides on the Gold Coast of Australia where he operates from his home studio & workshop producing signage, logos and hand-painted lettering.
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John Davis
John Davis Contributor

John's technical skill in drawing clean and accurate vector letters and designs has proven to be a valuable asset for Letterhead Fonts. Since releasing his first font in 2010, John has created or assisted in the creation of over 15 fonts. "Like most people, my family is the most important reason I work. The fact that I am doing something I love is just icing on the cake and best of all I only have a 45 second commute."
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John Studden
John Studden Contributor

John was well on his way to becoming a draftsman in England when he happened to meet his mentor, Mick Kilgallon. That chance meeting convinced him to shift gears and learn the sign trade instead. Today he is an expert gold-leaf and glass artist, producing exquisite works of art using traditional techniques handed down by the masters. John created his first font, LHF Classic Caps, in 2002 and has since created over 60 classic period typefaces. These days he splits his time between making new fonts and running his shop.
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Kaitlin Sims
Kaitlin Sims Contributor

An interest in design and visual arts propelled Kaitlin to pursue a Master's degree in Architecture, which she completed in 2009. While earning her degree, she also attended courses in graphic design, ceramics, and drawing.
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Ken McTague
Ken McTague Contributor

After graduating from Butera school of Art in 1991, Ken went on to start his own sign company. He now owns and operates Concept Sign in Massachusetts. He created the popular LHF Boston Truckstyle (which has been used in numerous television shows, cd covers and t-shirt designs) in 2000 and has two more fonts planned.

Mark Searfoss
Mark Searfoss Contributor

Farmhand Co.
Mark's been drawing since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Since graduating Columbus College of Art & Design in 1995, he's made a career as a professional art director and spends much of his free time on the hunt for unique typographic signs and advertising from the early 1900s. Recently, after discovering an intriguing label, he began sketching letters more frequently and thus his first font LHF Elixir was born.

Tom Kennedy
Mike Erickson Contributor

In 1995, Mike began designing art and lettering for a t-shirt company. He recalls being asked what fonts he used and replied, "What's a font?" as he was doing everything by hand. Within 2 years he started Logomotive Designs, offering custom logo designs. After working with Chuck Davis, Mike's first font, LHF Orange Grove was released through Letterhead Fonts in 2003. Ironically, Mike recalls his kindergarten teacher chastising him for drawing his letters too fancy. As a result of his habit of adding decorative curls to his letters, she admonished him with "Mike, those are really nice, but that's not how we draw letters".
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Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson Contributor

Mike started Golden Era Studios in 1995 in order to offer vintage style panels and ornaments to sign and design professionals. His CD collections (now available in font format from Letterhead Fonts) feature very useful authentic period style designs. LHF Centennial Panels provides a good sampling of the beautiful quality work he produces. Prior to moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and opening his custom sign shop, Mike earned a degree in Fine Arts from Central Oklahoma University. Today, his time is divided between drawing new designs for Golden Era Studios and nature photography. Mike has also been a regular contributor to SignCraft Magazine since 1986.
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Patrick Kalange
Patrick Kalange Contributor

Patrick first picked up a brush at the tender age of 8 and quickly developed a love for painting, music, and sculpture. Later, after studying Illustration at Boise State University, he began a career as a professional illustrator and chalkboard artist. Today, he works as a freelance graphic designer specializing in logo design and signage.
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Rob Cooper
Rob Cooper Contributor

Rob has been hand carving and painting signs since he was 16. He has lived in New Zealand, the United States, and his current residence, Thailand. He began making typefaces about fifteen years ago as alphabet plates for SignCraft magazine. His LHF Gypsy font is a good example of the unique but well balanced style Rob brings to all his fonts. The sign work he now produces is mostly for local residents of the tiny island he lives on in Thailand. When he's not drawing letters or making signs, Rob enjoys archery and rock climbing.
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Stephanie Inman
Stephanie Inman Contributor

Stephanie has been a lettering artist since age 13, a graphic designer for over 19 years, and a public artist for 10. She earned her degree in Architecture and thrives on artistic variety. Folk art, bold colors, and the imperfect touch of handcrafted art serve as inspiration for Stephanie's work. She also appreciates the work of Idaho artist James Castle. Her first font, LHF Inkling, is indicative of the expressive quality of her work.

Steve Contreras
Steve Contreras Contributor

Steve has worked in the sign and graphics business for over 50 years. He learned lettering in high school working as a Sign Painter's apprentice. After college and serving in the military, he took a job making show cards, display graphics & silk screen layouts. With the advancement of computers and vinyl cutters in the sign industry, Steve began creating his own fonts that reflected the hand painted styles he was familiar with as a sign artist. In 2001 he launched his own website, signfonts.com and began marketing his typefaces to other signmakers. LHF Old Iron is his first offering through Letterhead Fonts.

Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy Contributor

Tom started working with letters back in 1989 while employed by a wood-sign company in Boston. It wasn't until 1998 that he began creating script letters inspired by an in-depth study of antique advertising and old letterheads. After moving to Sweden with his wife in 2001, he began to digitize these sketches and form them into fonts. His popular LHF Ballpark Script font has been seen on numerous cd covers, t-shirts, labels and movie posters.
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