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Bluegrass1.0by Mark Searfoss
You've discovered another gem from vintage lettering expert Mark Searfoss. Bluegrass is authentic Americana with its sweeping sharp curls and split serifs on the Fancy & Fancy Spur caps. This style immediately invokes a handcrafted feel while maintaining readability, making it perfect for signs, labels and logos. From pencil on paper to the computer, every glyph is carefully balanced with expert manual kerning and minimal points. Your time is valuable. Don't waste it messing around with inferior fonts. Our high quality fonts backed by our Lifetime Guarantee allow you to create professional designs quickly— every time.

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Bluegrass Regular
$29 Download
Bluegrass Fancy & Fancy Spur
$39 Download

Bluegrass Complete 3 Font Set (Save $16)
$52 Download

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LHF Bluegrass Fancy Glyphs

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Fancy Spur

LHF Bluegrass Fancy Spur Alternates