LHF Heller's
Heller's Script by John Studden and David Parr evokes the spirit of the 50's hand-drawn advertising world. This retro font family includes Casual and Script fonts you'd be a mad man not to love. Watch for more samples.
LHF Retro Ricky
LHF Retro Ricky from Denise Bayers transports you right into the groovy retro past. This 60's-era font set includes 6 versions, plus stylized panels to help bring those boss retro designs to life.
LHF Durango
LHF Durango from Denise Bayers is a rustic Western style inspired by the 1957 version of 3:10 to Yuma. You receive 4 fonts: Regular, Spurs, Shadow and Distressed. Also includes 4 bonus words with scrollwork, along with a blank one for your own message.
LHF Iron Knight
John Studden's Iron Knight is a bold, commanding Gothic style font with Celtic influences; perfect for medieval style games and logos. Pair with some of our Old English fonts for an authentic Renaissance-era look.
LHF Aledo
Authentic Western typeface from sign designer David Parr. Set includes 6 fonts, with a 2-part shadow effect that will allow you to easily create eye-catching designs. Check out all of our Western fonts here.
LHF Heritage
Classic and understated. Beautifully balanced letters fit together masterfully to create LHF Heritage from John Davis. You receive 3 versions: Regular, Spurs and Shadow.
LHF Shogun
Modern style with sharp corners and eye-catching, bold letters that command your viewer's attention. Set includes "LHF Shogun Spurs Convex" to create 3D effects. See more fonts from Denise Bayers.
LHF Blackstone
John Studden and David Parr team up to bring you two different Sanborn Map style fonts. Each font sold separately or together as a package. Blackstone 2 contains bonus scrolls.
LHF Unlovable
Chuck Davis' Unlovable is the font that doesn't look like a font. The letters have been designed to flow together so well that your customers will probably think you drew it by hand. See also: Hindlewood & New English.
LHF Castlerock
David Parr's unusual gothic style font is perfect for creating rare and memorable designs. Set includes 2 versions and bonus characters.
LHF State Fair
Mike Jackson's latest creation is reminiscent of lettering used on old stock certificates and letterhead from the late 1800's. 3 fonts to choose from or download them all and receive a free bonus panel font.
LHF Garner
Authentic hand-lettering circa 1950's. Is it a font or hand-lettered? This old sign painter's gothic from Duncan Wilkie would fool even a trained eye. A must have for subcopy on period pieces where Helvetica or other sans serif styles are too modern.
LHF Billhead
Inspired by old letterheads and miscellaneous ephemera. Tom Kennedy's authentic pre-1900's "Billhead" font set includes 3 versions. Each typeface is uniquely different, yet they have also been designed to interchange with one another.
LHF Antique Shop
A unique period style from Chuck Davis. Features 3 fonts specially designed to fit together. Watch the tutorial to learn more.
LHF Ridgecrest
John Davis' LHF Ridgecrest is a serious style for serious designs. Narrow letters make it ideal for book and movie titles. Font includes upper and lowercase with several alternates for maximum flexibility. You might also like: Quaker & Brien.
LHF Old Tom
Old Tom is a condensed vintage style originally inspired by a late 1800's "French Condensed" sign painter's style. Complete set consists of 6 fonts, including 3D block shadows and highlights.
LHF Old Stock
Old Stock is inspired by lettering seen on old stock certificates. This commanding font has nice thick strokes so you can apply creative decoration. See more bold fonts.
LHF Boston Truckstyle
One of our most popular typefaces. Easy to read, bold characters. Set includes 2 versions. You might also like: General Store & Antique Shop.
LHF Chicago Script
This Charles Borges' script takes full advantage of the OpenType format with several automatic ligatures that occur as you type for a nicer fit. Plus, manual stylistic alternates that allow you to choose the letters you prefer. See more scripts here.
LHF General Store
Classic 4 font set from John Davis. General Store blends eye-catching styling with readability. Includes Regular, Shadow, Distressed & Fancy versions for maximum creativity.
LHF Indian Script 2
Indian Script has been updated with all new kerning and now includes a special swash font. Free download for customers who purchased version 1. See details here.
LHF Saratoga Ornaments 1
This 2 font set from Mike Jackson contains an amazing 124 decorations, corners and accents. All ornaments are new and exclusive to Letterhead Fonts. Also see: Americana Ornaments & Main Street Ornaments.
Bonus Modjeska Panel
Download this fully vectorized .EPS panel free with any purchase. Simply place your own text into the panel for an instant design.
LHF Ballpark Script
This fun to use old-fashioned script from Tom Kennedy comes with two fonts: Ballpark Script and Ballpark Swashes. Ballpark Swashes includes over 58 different swashes in place of characters, designed to attach to the ends of the Ballpark Script letters.
LHF Confection Essentials 1
Tom Kennedy has completed his artistic panels and scrolls font. Consisting of 67 hand-drawn panels and scrolls, Confection Essentials is sure to spark your creativity. Save $10 when you download it with Tom's Confection font set.
LHF Conclave
With it's bold strokes and sharp edges, Conclave is a versatile font that commands attention. Best used in conjuction with lighter typefaces for maximum contrast.
LHF Sedona
Arthur Vanson's newest creation has a traditional Roman look. The thick strokes of the letters make this font stand out from other Roman styled text. Includes both capital and lower-case letters for any occasion.
LHF Cosmic Cursive
Inspired by a 1940's "Century" record. Add vintage class to your designs with this easy-to-read script. You might also like: Royal Script & Spirit Script
LHF Ambrosia
An old turn of the century style commonly used on billheads, letterheads, certificates, etc.
LHF Broadway Elements
Broadway Elements has 2 fonts consisting of the best corners and ornaments from Mike Jackson's Broadway Collection. Featuring 72 useful ornaments perfect for creating unique panels and borders. Click here to view more corners.
LHF Monogram Oval
This time-saving font set from John Davis makes it easy to create quick, effective logos. Set features 3 different fonts to create eyecatching 3 letter monograms. Includes LHF Monogram Oval Frames font with 26 different decorative frames to complete your design. Watch the tutorial.
LHF Silent Movie
John Studden created LHF Silent Movie by carefully studying the styles of movie lettering artists in the early 1900's. The set Includes 2 fonts.
LHF Firehouse
This style was actually inspired by old stock certificates Tom Kennedy had collected. It's a very versatile font allowing for some horizontal stretching. Fits almost any space.
LHF Packard Script
Inspired by the old Packard car logo, this set includes 3 fonts. Both script versions include 12 bonus alternates. More Scripts.
LHF Encore
John Davis is hard at work on his beautiful "LHF Encore" font family. Set will include Regular, Shadow, Inset and Distressed versions. Should be ready by April. Watch for more samples.
LHF Timberlodge
Timberlodge 2
Patrick Kalange and Chuck Davis are updating the original Timberlodge font set. All Timberlodge 2 fonts will feature new spacing and kerning, plus 20 bonus alternates. Includes 2 part shadow effect as well as 3 different decorative insets shown above.
LHF Mystery Font
Dave Correll's latest font is a mystery. The Mystery Font is part Art Nouveau, part Fantasy. You'll find lots of uses for this highly unusual font.
LHF Crimson
Royal Crimson from Denise Bayers is classically beautiful with its highly decorative uppercase and sharp serifs. Perfect for designs requiring an old world appearance. Check out this tutorial explaining how to use the Regular, Inset and Shadow fonts together.
LHF Desire
Desire from Charles Borges features an astonishing 763 hand-crafted glyphs designed to maximize your creativity. You'll enjoy experimenting with the different flourishes and styles. It's a different font everytime you use it.
LHF Boot Camp
Originally inspired by an old stock certificate, Boot Camp is a condensed font that is very versatile and easy to read. Font set includes 6 versions including distressed and stencil.
LHF Cool Blue 2
Chuck & John Davis have completely overhauled the original Cool Blue font set originally released in 2002. All letters have been restyled and redrawn with all new spacing and kerning. Set now includes 3 weights: Regular, Thin and Bold.
LHF Aloha Script
Veteran sign painter Pierre Tardif and lettering artist Charles Borges team up to bring you Aloha Script. Choose from over 100 alternate characters and swashes.
LHF Euphoria 2
Denise Bayers' font is inspired by an old advertising letter style used throughout the late 1800's and early 1900's. Features 4 interchangeable versions for maximum creativity.
LHF Roebuck
Stock certificate inspired font from John Studden. LHF Roebuck commands attention with its sharp serifs and bold strokes. Looks especially good when contrasted with thinner fonts or scrollwork.
LHF Boston Ballpark
Inspired by the Boston Red Sox logo, this well-balanced font from John Davis features several variations on the lowercase. Includes 12 bonus alternates for maximum creativity.
LHF Piranha Script
Dave Correll's latest script features sharp edges for bold, attention-grabbing results.
LHF Cavalero
This Denise Bayers' font borrows elements from old stock certificates. Be creative with 3 different fonts: Regular, Spurs and Shadow.
LHF Lakeside
The Lakeside font set includes 6 different versions for you to mix and match as you like. Designing should always be this fun! Fonts include caps, punctuation, accent characters and numbers.
LHF Red Sable Script
Arthur Vanson's Red Sable Script is a perfect mix of old and new script styles. Its friendly, unassuming appearance lends itself to a variety of applications. Check out our full selection of scripts here.
LHF Big Dog
Two-part prismatic font set from Chuck Davis. Includes Regular and Spiked versions with Convex fonts to place on top for a prismatic 3D appearance. See other prismatic fonts.
LHF Divine
Terrific blackletter style from Dave Correll. Unlike other tired and overused blackletters, Divine has a hand lettered personality that keeps it from being too stiff.
LHF Betterbilt
John Davis' font set includes 3 versions: Regular, Spurs and Distressed. Aficionados of old fashioned, hard to find type will appreciate the highly unusual styling of this 1920's era font. See samples here.
Unusual western style from Tom Kennedy. Set includes 3 versions. Click here for samples.
LHF Squeezebox
David Parr's Squeezebox has a retro casual look that lends itself to a wide variety of uses. Subtle bowing in of the letters and serifs gives this font it's unique hand-lettered personality.
LHF Sanborn Thin
David Parr's font set (includes Regular & Shadow versions) is inspired by the Sanborn Map Company's 1909 insurance map catalog. Includes 4 bonus ornaments and alternates! Also see LHF Springfield inspired by the Sanborn maps.
LHF Orange Grove
From Mike Erickson comes a whimsical serif typeface with calligraphy style nicks and cuts in each letter for a hand-lettered appearance.
LHF Metro 39
John Davis brings us this easy to read Art Deco style from the 30's and 40's. Uniform stroke width gives it an interesting mix of style and stability. Set includes 4 fonts.
LHF Signmaker
Superb old fashioned lettering from sign artist Dave Correll. Includes 2 versions: Regular and Fancy. Both fonts include alternates and bonus scrolls.You might also like: Doc Terwilligers & Antique Shop.
LHF Doc Terwilligers
Victorian period typeface from Dave Smith. Guaranteed to cure whatever ails you.
LHF Confection
Nearly a year in production, Confection from Tom Kennedy is a truly inspired and masterful work. Set includes 4 different versions designed to be used together. Download together with his Confection Essentials set of panels and scrolls.
LHF Ephemera Script
Tom Kennedy's old fashioned script includes a special bonus font with over 58 different swashes designed to attach to the ends of the Ephemera letters.
LHF Pickle Barrel
Veteran sign painter Dave Correll has finished his latest hand-lettered font. Curved serifs on each of the letters are highly unique, giving the font a rugged, western feel. Set includes 2 fonts: Regular and Bold.
Dave Correll's Coffee Shop is inspired by an H.C. Martin showcard design (circa 1930's). Set includes two versions: Regular & Fancy.
Classic Panels 2
A vast array of 39 expertly-drawn decorative vector panels in the form of a single font. Each letter generates a different panel so you can simply insert your own text for a quick design your clients will love. See all of our Panels here.
LHF Alpine Script
Crisp, clean Alpine Script from Charles Borges. Includes two fonts with 21 alternates each. PLUS: 5 bonus alternates exclusively for Letterhead Fonts.
LHF Broadway Panels 3
This installment of fonts from Mike Jackson's Broadway Collection features 36 meticulously designed panels. Click here to see additional Panels.
LHF Americana Ornaments
Americana Ornaments is the last installment of fonts derived from Mike Jackson's Americana Collection CD. This font set features 72 unique ornaments.
LHF Hensler 2
Chuck Davis has completely overhauled the original Hensler font released in 2002. Hensler 2 features all new redrawn and restyled letters, improved kerning and added alternate characters. Set includes 2 versions: Regular and Spurs.
LHF Chesham Sans
Tallington is a stylized version of gas-pipe lettering; the trusty old stalwart of many a signwriter. Always a favorite for condensing long words into short spaces. Also useful for creating dense bold areas to counter light airy elements.
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