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LHF Unlovable update
January 19, 2009

Ok... I know this is taking a while. People keep asking when the Unlovable font is coming out. And of course, the release date keeps being pushed back. I have not been able to give as much attention as I would like. And believe me... I would like to. There is nothing I enjoy more than making fonts. But there are so many other duties... piracy issues, reviewing other fonts, website updates and assorted business stuff, that I do not get to make fonts anymore.

In fact, with the startup of our new Letterhead Studios site, this may well be my last font. Which is ironic since the reason I started Letterhead Fonts was just to sell my own fonts. But of course, that was shortsighted, since without the other guys, LHF would not be what it is today.

Anyway... at last I can finally give you a definite (and highly appropriate) release date for LHF Unlovable: February 14th. The set will consist of 2 fonts. 1 regular and 1 with alternate lowercase (to alleviate crashing swashes). It is this alternate that is taking so much time.

So don't forget me on Valentine's Day or I will feel very unlovable.