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LHF Outlaw Revised
December 12, 2008

The Outlaw font set (Regular & Rough styles) has been improved...

*  Completely new kerning
*  Character improvements (for better balance)
*  Cleaned up points in Rough version
*  Bigger small caps

Customers who have ordered LHF Outlaw are entitled to this free update. Simply login to your account and redownload it. You will notice the new font names are: LHF Outlaw 2 REGULAR and LHF Outlaw 2 Rough.

This is the last revision that will be made to Outlaw. The font set will now be sold under the name "LHF Gunslinger". Gunslinger includes all the above improvements plus an additional font and some pretty neat extras. Check it out.

LHF Gunslinger Extras