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Truck Design Makeover
October 8, 2018

Original: This design isn't doing the owner any favors. The graphic takes up the bulk of the space and yet it's not immediately clear what it is. (An angry looking cloud isn't going to make a positive impression on people.) The lettering is hard to read due to the font and the decision to put it on an arc. Outlining this shade of green with black doesn't help. Green seems like an unnatural color for something having to do with clouds and either heating or cooling.

Redesign: We catch the eye using a script (LHF Piranha Script) which carries the eye across and gives it a sense of a motion. Changing the color to blue seems like a better choice for heating and cooling, plus it's clean. Add a simple dark fade at the bottom to add contrast and help with readability. A light gray compass in the background provides interest and also acts as a bullseye to draw the eye into the beginning of the word. We drop the "LLC" because it's unnecessary and contrary to popular opinion does not really have to be used on all advertising. A simple clean design that took only minutes to create.