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Adobe Making Us Rename 2 fonts
February 9, 2017

We need your help!

On January 11th, we received an email from Adobe requesting that we change the name of our "LHF Banshee" and "LHF Chaparral" fonts. So immediately we added an "s" to the end of LHF Banshee and an "e" to the end of "Chaparral" and redid the designs for the site. That wasn't good enough for Adobe and we received another, more strongly worded, email yesterday (which you can read below).

Adobe apparently feels that the names infringe on their trademarks for their "Banshee" and "Chaparral" fonts and cause confusion. We disagree of course, but they have us over a barrel. Our intention was never to deceive anyone. It was only by chance that we chose these names and were unaware of Adobe's fonts. As you can see below, our fonts are very different from theirs.

Naming fonts these days is a real challenge because there are so many. That's where you come in. Please help us choose new names for these two fonts (that won't get us in trouble with Adobe!). The names that we choose will win a free copy of the font set.

To participate, please post your suggested names on our Facebook post here:

We will announce the winners on our Facebook page next week on Jan. 15th, which will give us a little time to change things on the site and respond to Adobe with the new names. Thanks for your help guys! --Chuck

LHF Chaparrale by Steve Contreras:

LHF Banshees by Denise Bayers: