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LHF Woodmere Updated
May 29, 2014

Good news! LHF Woodmere now has 2 new fonts.

John Davis just added 2 new lined shadow versions to his LHF Woodmere font set. You now receive 6 fonts for only $53. These new versions replicate old fashioned engraving lines found on stock certificates.

In addition to the new versions, John also updated kerning in several of the fonts. Previous customers can download these new versions for free by logging into their accounts! Please follow these steps for updating your fonts.

If you don't have LHF Woodmere yet, you can still download this incredible set for the original price of $53. But hurry because after June 5th, the price will go up to $59.

Regular Shadow 1 Detail (Solid)
Regular Shadow 2 Detail (Lines)
Spurs Shadow 1 Detail (Solid)Spurs Shadow 2 Detail (Lines)