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What is FontGuard?
May 27, 2008


FontGuard is a proprietary account encryption system created by Letterhead Fonts. The system is aimed at preventing font piracy. The purchaser's account information is encrypted into each of the font files he or she purchases. Should the font files become publicly shared, the fonts may be traced back to the original purchaser by decoding the internal information embedded into the files.

The system does not utilize any DRM protection. The files are normal font files that can be moved, removed and managed like any other font. Fonts may be embedded into PDF documents and installed on systems without internet access.

The fonts you purchase are licensed to you only. Only you may use the fonts you purchase. Sharing your font files with others constitutes piracy (something Letterhead Fonts takes very seriously). We trust that you'll continue to support the artists who create Letterhead Fonts by not sharing your fonts. Thank you.

Learn more about FontGuard here.