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Free Packard Script Update
April 11, 2011

We've fixed an issue with LHF Packard Script Swashes which was causing some issues in newer versions of CorelDraw (problem was discovered in X5 but X3 and X4 may have it as well. 12 had no issue).

CorelDraw couldn't handle the width of the swashes, causing the swashes to display incorrectly in wireframe view and when converting to curves. All three fonts were updated in order to fix the issue, so be sure to uninstall and replace LHF Packard Script Regular and LHF Packard Script Fancy along with LHF Packard Script Swashes.

This is a free download for customers who purchased LHF Packard Script (version 1.0) before 4/11/2011. It is recommended that you uninstall your existing version and install this new set instead. To download the updated versions, simply login to your account and download it again.