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Photoshop User Magazine's bizarre stunt
February 16, 2011

Ok, we are getting lots of people asking where the "LHF Desire" font is featured in the March issue of Photoshop User Magazine. Folks, it doesn't exist. For starters, it hasn't been released. Oh and also... The letters shown in the tutorial are not the actual letters in the font. Confused? So were we.

It seems Felix Nelson got the bright idea to take this preview design by Charles Borges (posted back in October) from our website...

..and create his own letters from the above jpeg...

The tutorial seems useful enough, but except for the "S", none of these letters were created by Charles Borges. This is not the LHF Desire font.  Felix Nelson made these letters himself, but credits Charles Borges. Weird. Furthermore, he tells NAAP members that they can download the tutorial and the letters used at:

Why didn't Felix just use the actual letters from the LHF Desire font?

Well, he never asked us to use the design or the letters. He didn't ask us if the font was ready or even tell us he was doing this tutorial. If he had, we would have gladly provided him with an advance copy of the font. We also would have done a proper tutorial for Photoshop User... using the real letters.

Still scratching our heads over this one...

By the way, Charles Borges tells me that LHF Desire won't be ready for another 5 months. But it's going to be a gigantic font family -- already there are over 32 different uppercase A's to choose from.