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LHF Boston Truckstyle 2.0
September 18, 2007

The following changes were made to LHF Boston Truckstyle:

• All characters checked for "stair-steps"
• Some unnecessary points removed
• Some paths redrawn/characters reshaped
• Changed small cap "J" (eliminated decorative spike)
• Changed "E" and "F" (letters were too wide)
• Adjusted all spurs to ensure they were at the same height
• All characters re-spaced and re-kerned
• Added new version: "LHF Boston Truckstyle C" -- all letters at same height for interchangeability
• Renamed classic small cap version: "LHF Boston Truckstyle SC"
• Replaced stylized "AND" with traditional ampersand in "LHF Boston Truckstyle C" ("LHF Boston Truckstyle SC" still contains "AND" in place of ampersand).