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3rd Annual Design Competition Winners
January 5, 2011

As usual, the judges had a difficult time choosing the winners for our 3rd Annual Design Competition. But being forced to pick only 3 winners, here are our choices for 2010:

First Place: Tom Kennedy  ($200 + free font)
LHF fonts used: LHF Burbank and LHF State Street

Second Place: Kirk DouPonce ($75 + free font)
LHF fonts used: LHF Centennial Panels 4 and LHF Old Stock

Third Place: Scott Saunders (Free font)
LHF fonts used: LHF Union Thug and LHF Egyptian

Honorable Mention: Alex Wezta
LHF fonts used: LHF King Edward

Honorable Mention: Jodi Bearden
LHF fonts used: LHF Logomotive

Thanks to everyone who participated. Remember, if your design wasn't chosen this year, it could still win next year. That's because the winners are chosen from all Gallery submissions-- regardless of when they were submitted. So keep 'em coming.