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More LHF on Boardwalk Empire
October 8, 2010

Boardwalk Empire on HBO is turning out to be a candy store for those who love old lettering. They really put a lot of time into the signs on this show and many of them use our fonts. They use them well too, taking time to paint the letters slightly less than perfect. Take a gander...

LHF Grants Antique on Boardwalk Empire
LHF Grants Antique (from Boardwalk Empire)

LHF Hensler on wall and signs to the right.

LHF Hensler with LHF Grants Antique used for Fralinger's billboard.

LHF Hensler ("The World's Playground")

LHF Boston Truckstyle used for jeweler's window

LHF Garner

LHF Billhead on Boardwalk Empire
LHF Billhead (1900)