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Free Bulldog Update
May 6, 2010

LHF Bulldog

We fixed some issues with LHF Bulldog. Apparently some empty glyphs had extremely wide sidebearing settings. Because the glyphs slots were empty, this didn't seem to cause a problem with any programs except CorelDraw X3. Therefore this issue went undetected for quite a while. But it can cause some erratic behavior in Corel, so best to download the latest version (2.0) from your account.

We also fixed some paths and points and made the space character smaller. Plus a few kerning improvements for good measure.

Remember Windows users: Double clicking on the new version will display the old version number (1.0) until you uninstall it from the font folder. This is because if two fonts have the same name, Windows displays the preview of the one installed, rather than the actual font file you double-clicked on.