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Big Dog Tutorial Series
April 11, 2010

I get requests sometimes for tutorials on how to create bevel effects in Photoshop. I finally got around to it this weekend. I've always been a little hesitant to instruct someone like this. Partly because I know my methods are a bit awkward (I do everything on separate layers). But if you're interested, here is a 6 part series on creating bevel effects in Photoshop using my LHF Big Dog font. And a layered .psd file to go along with it. This is of course is not the only method I use. Sometimes I'll simply use Photoshop's Bevel & Emboss layer effects. But this one is approached differently because of the options Big Dog affords the user. And the results are crisper because the convex overlay is a font.

This series assumes the viewer has a basic knowledge of Photoshop, so these move pretty fast. In the interest of time, I don't explain how to do everything in detail.  There are plenty of other tutorials that focus on the technical aspects of the program and how to get around in it (visit But I prefer to focus more on how an artist might use the program to actually make something. Though if you do have some questions, I'll try to answer them if you email me.

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