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Magnum 44 Preview
December 3, 2009

LHF Magnum 44

Sort of a tribute to my graffiti days and the jumbo "Magnum 44" markers we used to use. I realize there are a lot of graffiti style fonts out there, but this one is a little more versatile. Magnum 44 is not too "hardcore". So it can be used for a wide variety of purposes and remain readable. Probably equally important is that it's been drawn right... that is, this is not a straight scan job. Each letter is carefully drawn from scratch using the original letters only as a template. This takes more time than it looks, but it also means no stray points or other weird flaws that are typically present in some other graffiti style fonts you might find for free. I should be done with it by Monday and we'll get it up on the site for sale by next Friday (Dec. 11th).