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Tim Bishop
August 31, 2009

It came to my attention on Saturday that we lost a great artist 2 weeks ago to a heart attack.

Although I didn't know him very well, if you've visited the Letterhead Fonts Gallery, you've probably seen and admired Tim Bishop's work. Tim was one of those unique artists who could design and illustrate equally well. He drew all of his own vehicles and his layouts were always eye-catching. But besides being an superbly talented artist, I was impressed at how down to earth and humble he was. You may recall he took second place in our 2008 Design Contest. When I called him, I was afraid of breaking the news (many thought he should have won), but he was just as happy and appreciative with second and as he always did, he thanked us for the fonts we create.

I don't think it's any coincidence that the best artists have always been humble. Without that humility, it is impossible to learn and improve your work. Tim was a great example of this.

This was my favorite design that he did, and the one which won him second place last year:

See more of Tim's work here.

Goodbye Tim. Was nice knowing you...