2015 Design Competition Winner: 2nd Place
Artist: Charles Borges de Oliviera
Client: Borges Lettering

The judges chose Charles' "Big Horn" design as the second place winner because it is a good example of an eye-catching design based on solid layout. The letters appear illuminated and there is well-defined organization to the copy. The ram's head, although rather large, doesn't interfere with the main copy because of its dark color and therefore recedes into the background. Charles wins the $75 cash prize and his choice of any LHF font.

Font used: LHF Desire

Chuck: I'm assuming that this is a fictitious design. Did you just base the design on using your favorite letters from the font?

Charles: Yes, that is correct. All of the designs that I do for my fonts are fictitious. The designs are made to show the customer how the font may be used. Sometimes when I design, I will try to showcase some of the letters, but in this design I knew it had to be called "Big Horn" because of the graphic.

Chuck: How long have you been designing? How much of that was spent making signs?

Charles: I started in the sign business 22 years ago. I stayed in the sign business for 12 years then I decided to make the switch to lettering artist and type designer. I spent the last 10 years in the sign business designing commercial real estate signs. I probably laid out over 5,000 sign designs within that 10 year period. Even though the work could be boring at times it helped to train my eye for layout. That is something that I am grateful for.

Chuck: How much of your time is spent creating fonts these days?

Charles: Well, I was working full time at font design a year ago but these days I am preoccupied with being a caregiver for my Mother. I am planning on making a new brush script font for 2016. The goal is to find a balance between caregiver and work.

Chuck: Is the ram illustration stock clip-art?

Charles: The Ram is stock clip art. When making my designs for fonts I will end up using clip art. From a production point of view it is cheaper and faster for me to design using clip art, but I always end up altering them a little to fit the layout.

Chuck: What programs did you use to create the design?

Charles: This was designed entirely in Adobe Illustrator.

Chuck: What was the reason you created the "Desire" font? Did you see a need for this particular style?

Charles: I got the idea about 10 years ago. I figured it would be great for the designer to have a tool box of letters to aid him in designing a logo or layout.

Chuck: When you design for clients, do you offer them a choice of designs or do you choose only one to present?

Charles: Normally I design up to three different logos. I personally prefer to work on just one. Then I can dedicate all of my energy to that single design instead of spreading it out to three logos. It's usually up to the client what they would like. Some of my clients trust me to come up with one design knowing that it will appeal to their tastes.

Chuck: The colors are very dramatic in this design. Can you comment on that and why you chose the colors you did?

Charles: I started out with the Big Horn illustration. That pretty much dictated what colors would work in the layout. In this case the burgundy and the blue were harmonious with the browns in the graphic.

See more of Charles Borges de Oliviera's work at: www.borgeslettering.com