2014 Design Competition Winner: 2nd Place
Artist: Marco Billiani
Client: Brands in a Cube

The judges chose Marco Billiani's "Brands In a Cube" design as the second place winner because it is the perfect example of a well laid out modern design. Simple eye-pleasing shapes with subtle perspective added make the branding of this company feel powerful. The design's treatment of texture, lighting, and color are a superb addition, not feeling overdone or gaudy. Marco wins a $75 cash prize and his choice of any LHF font.

Font used: LHF Tallington

Chuck: What kind of business is Brands in A Cube? What do they do?

Marco: They are the Austrian distributor for apparel like O’Neill, Alpine Stars, etc. I live in Austria, in a lovely small town called Tattendorf, surrounded by beautiful vineyards.

Chuck: Did the client offer suggestions on what they wanted or did you have control over the entire design process?

Marco: No suggestions, I did the whole process on my own.

Chuck: Why did you choose the LHF Tallington™ font?

Marco: Tallington is my best choice for modern designs. It’s designed clear and very different from many other fonts. I've never seen something similar;)

Chuck: What programs do you use when you design? What did you use for this design?

Marco: I always start in Illustrator with the basics (shapes,text, etc.). The fine-tuning is done in Photoshop, where I spent most of the time finding the right colors, textures, etc.

Chuck: I really like the texture you added to the letters. It is a subtle touch. How did you do that effect?

Marco: Most of the effects are done with different textures. In this case I used a photo of an old carpet as an overlay.

Chuck: How old are you and how long have you been designing?

Marco: I am 43 years old. 10 Years ago I started with designs for my band (I am also a professional bass player) and two years ago I founded my own company. I would thank you for your inspiration. When I started creating designs I always wanted to do something in that "U.S." style. Letterhead Fonts gave me the kickstart and inspiration I needed to develop my own style.

See more of Marco Billiani's work at: billianidesigns.at