Tallington2.3by Arthur Vanson
Arthur Vanson said of his font: "Tallington is a stylised version of gas-pipe lettering; the trusty old stalwart of many a signwriter. Always a favourite for condensing long words into short spaces; it is also useful for creating dense bold areas to counter light airy elements in producing dynamic graphical effects with lettering."

Concerning the name, Arthur wrote: "After climbing for three miles at 1 in 200, the East Coast Main Line passes Great Ponton and High Dyke before breasting Stoke Summit and beginning the long run down Stoke Bank at 1 in 178. This is the racing ground where all of the London & North Eastern Railway speed records were set. Mallard's 126 mph World Speed Record for Steam Traction was achieved at a point just beyond Essendine and nearing Tallington. What this has to do with lettering, I have no idea. My only excuse is that I find the word quite pleasing, it starts with TALL (fairly appropriate) and I'm rather fond of railways." You might also like: Union Thug & Stovepipe Thin.

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