Tutorial: How to use the LHF Riverboat font set in Adobe Photoshop

Riverboat2.2by John Studden
Styled after a Ross F. George sample in the old Speedball books. This set includes 6 fonts:

LHF Riverboat 1 Letters (plain style)
LHF Riverboat 1 Lines (goes on top of 1 letters)

LHF Riverboat 2 Letters (drop shadow style)
LHF Riverboat 2 Lines (goes on top of 2 letters)

LHF Riverboat 3 Letters (block shadow style)
LHF Riverboat 3 Lines (goes on top of 3 letters)

Type your message using one of the "Letters" fonts, then duplicate the text and paste on top. Finally, change the top font to the appropriate "Lines" font (the number of the Lines font must be the same as the Letters font you used). This creates the effect shown in the examples on the left.

This style gives any design an instant early 1900's appearance. Any designer doing classic designs will find this set to be very versatile and a time saver. You might also like: Old Abe & Cedar Creek.

Reg. $46 Download

Only $33.80 when you buy 5 or more

Riverboat 1 Letters with Riverboat 1 Lines

Riverboat 2 Letters with Riverboat 2 Lines

Riverboat 3 Letters with Riverboat 3 Lines

Getting the most out of Riverboat

Step 1: Type your message using one of the "Letters" fonts. In this example, we have chosen "LHF Riverboat Letters 1" for clarity.

Step 2: Duplicate the text we typed and place it on top of the letters. You won't notice any difference yet, because the fonts are the same of course.

Step 3: Change the top text to "LHF Riverboat Lines 1". Then change the color of that font.

Step 4: Experiment with different outlines and shadows for interesting contrast and to add depth to the letters.

Step 5: There are 3 extra ornaments in the "Lines" fonts (see chart at left). Here we have added the extra diamond ornament found on the "=" key.